"The Fault in our Stars" Incredible story

Okay... And the now how you really like spent time interesting? That's easy question! Reading books is one of the best thing of the world. People say that books are dream in real life- and that's so true! Books give us hope, emotions, passion and incredible story. I have a few books which they're the best book on the world! One of this books is The Fault in our Stars! OMG! One of the most amazing story I ever read. That's like big work of art. I read this in few hours and I cried all time.

This book no present how girl which have cancer die lonely and she isn't accouse God or people around her that she's sick. She life the best how she can and that why this book's amazing. The book show a lot of depressing situation but the hero try to stay positive and we can learn a lot of this young people how to life. Author show really beautiful love they're accept each other. That's so lovely. I could say about this book thousand of words but everyone must read this book and they;ll be know about what I"m talking. That's not empty words that book is really amazing and change a lot of people. Change thinking about person which have cancer. And I thing that people which they have cancer really need us. They're short life but we could do that life will be amazing. We could give them the fire to life, no more depression, no more thinking about the death.

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