The truth about Bloggers!

Hello! Yeah... It's finally time to find out a little about the bloggers!I know that you have that question about bloggers that you always wont to know, so let's do this! Of course you could think "What she know about really big blogger people If she have no popular blog?" That isn't be my first blog so I have a little experience. Blogger can be a way to life but how If that is in the Internet and we don't pay for anything where we're going for somebody blog? That give first question..

How blogger could earn the money? No we don't earn money from the observers, comments or that you come here. No in this is way to life from the blog! If you're popular blogger you can do everything to earn the money... Easy way is the advertising in the sidebar. Of course company not pay for the advertising but pay if somebody click in her banner on the blog. Different metody is advertising in the post. Of corse then somebody hide that company is sponsor and write post for example about my make up and use product from this company. That's the most popular way to earn in the blog.

But how many blogger earn? So everyone just waiting for specific number.  Of course that is different and depends from the blog and company. Of somebody have 100k input on the day then he could life from the blog. Because that's not very paid job but everything depends for blog but If you have popular blog that you couldn't work. 

The best blog to earn the money? Fashion Blog. That's the most easy way to life from the blog. Of course is there very blog about this but also many girl looking for young and pretty girl which can do make up or show him what is trendy on this season. Of course the clothes are very often from company (look on the part 1)  for free advertising. So if you're young, pretty and you want something to do because you don't want work in the company then that is your way. ;)

Career of blog? Blog is are life no job. We give you myself and If that was a carrer then how I wrote to you? "Hello! Today post is about maskara Revlon. Repeat REVLON!!! Yeah you write great! Is soo good I use this maskara REVLON all time. So go to the Sephora and buy this maskara! Of course Revlon isn;t be my sponsor!" That how this will be look! And that will be so not fair for you guys because we care about you and If you not come here then this post will be not existe. 

Haters on the blog? Yeah of course they are and they life for give you soo nice comments! Of course that is depressing If you work about post a couple on hours and somebody come to you blog and say " You're post is suck! You should stop wirting!". But that people will be existe because they don't have his own life or his life is so bad that must relieve on somebody.

I hope so you like that kind of post! Do you have some question about bloggers? Let me know! And don't forget join to my observes because then my hart is more bigger then now! See you soon. Byeeee :)


Dress for the Prom

Hello! I can't believe in this that you come here. That's amazing and thanks you for this so much! I'm soooo lazy so that situation uplifting me. In this time in Poland we have a lot of Prom bal now! A lot of my friends they are now on this amazing party. In Poland prom is 100 days before matura exams and We're dancing all night with are friends and teachers. I'm so jealous because I'll have this prom in the next year! :( But now I have a few propositions for you guys for simply or glamour, expansive or chip dress from the ball! I know how important is the dress in that special day so here you go! 
















That's only one proposition of thousand of lovely dresses. I hope so you like this propsition! Which one do you wear for your prom? You like  more mini or maxi dresses? Let me know! 
See you again soon,


How to be 18 years old?!

 Hello! Welcome in another post! :) Finally I'm 18 years old! That was a long, long way to be that grow up but offically I'm "adult". I had birthday party a 2 weeks ago and that was awesome time! I spent time lovely time with awesome atmosphere. I just love my friends so much so different couldn't be.  But what change that 18th birthday? Let see....

 I grow up mentally. Maybe that's funny but when you have that 18 years you think different than before. That is magical numbers and change a lot. I think now a lot more about my future about what I'll do when I finish school. When I'll live and where I'll work. This number open my eyes about that a lot of mature stuff.

Finally I drive now! No maybe not exactly now but... that open door for driver license. In Poland you must finish course around 30 hours lessons and then you must pass two exam. One theoretical exam and second more scary and stressful practical exam. 

You're responsibilities for yourself. The now my parents aren't too much responsibilities  then before. I should do what I want.. ( wish hahah) And also you could drink alcohol! Yep... Mniam... haha no I'm not alcoholic...yet

Of course 18 is only number and my metamorphosis is only symbol. Everyone grow up in our own pace. I'm not mature in a lot of stuff... and I try to change this. A little steps and everything you could change. Barrier is only in your head.  How old are you? You had 18th birthday?


"The Fault in our Stars" Incredible story

Okay... And the now how you really like spent time interesting? That's easy question! Reading books is one of the best thing of the world. People say that books are dream in real life- and that's so true! Books give us hope, emotions, passion and incredible story. I have a few books which they're the best book on the world! One of this books is The Fault in our Stars! OMG! One of the most amazing story I ever read. That's like big work of art. I read this in few hours and I cried all time.

This book no present how girl which have cancer die lonely and she isn't accouse God or people around her that she's sick. She life the best how she can and that why this book's amazing. The book show a lot of depressing situation but the hero try to stay positive and we can learn a lot of this young people how to life. Author show really beautiful love they're accept each other. That's so lovely. I could say about this book thousand of words but everyone must read this book and they;ll be know about what I"m talking. That's not empty words that book is really amazing and change a lot of people. Change thinking about person which have cancer. And I thing that people which they have cancer really need us. They're short life but we could do that life will be amazing. We could give them the fire to life, no more depression, no more thinking about the death.

Thanks for reading,
See you soon Sav.


New Year's TAG!

Hello in 2015! That was long year but I had glad to spend this time with the most lovely people in world- with my friends! I have sooooooo emotional memory with that people! But not about this people today! :) I try to keep my blog more interesting so you can see my drawing in the post now. I hope so you like this idea and let's go with tag! :)

1. What was the single best thing that happened this past year?
The best thing was 18 birthday my friend. That was so great time. We were dancing, chatting, smiling a lot but also drink a little but cii...... ;) That was the best party I ever was. My one friend drank to much ( but you know he's drunk when he drink one beer) and then he have very "good idea" like he set down on the rocking horse and he said.... 

 2. What was the single most challenging thing that happened?
 The most challenging was... working in the 5-star hotel. I was working there because I had practice from school. That was big experience and I felt like adult when I must wake up every morning and go to the work. Very hard to change when your all life you just go to the school and you're sitting on the chair and listening people. Most challenging and scary situation but I'm really happy because I learn very good things there. 

3. What was an unexpected joy this past year?
 It was that how I changed in a few months... In January 2014 I was very shy and not social person (the now isn't be perfect with that) but a few months later I tred to went outside and change out with people. I never before expected that I could went to the club and had fun there!

4. What was an unexpected obstacle?
 People which say me a lot of bad comments. They're tired to keep me in bad humor and they're thought that was funny. If somebody say you bad words then you bothered about this. I know now that words say you somebody who not means to you anything then you shouldn't listening him. 

5. Pick three six words to describe 2014.
The best year in my life! 

 6. What were the best books you read this year?
 OMG! Serioulsy only one!? That was a year with a lot of lovely books! I read that hero book like The Hunger Games <3 with I love soooooooo much! (I'll  write another post about this books soon because that is a lot to say!) Another book with I love so much that is the Fault in the stars amazing story and so beatufiul love! 

7. With whom were your most valuable relationships? 
With my boyfriend... 

but first you must have boyfriend, baby....Okay mum I KNOW! With my friends I can't choose one people that was amazing year with all my friends.

8. What was your biggest personal change from January to December of this past year?
How I said before I changed a lot! That was year of change for me I tried to be more confident and I tried to be not shy with a new meet friends.

9. In what way(s) did you grow emotionally?
I'm not quite mouse anymore and I try to smile more often then before. Before the boy were bee.... and I wasn't thought about that psychical and physical way about boys and now that change. I'm not scary anymore when I must hug boy. Yeah I was scary... 

10. In what way(s) did you grow in your relationships with others? 
In past year I ascertain that which people I can trust and I know now they are my friends whom I can say everything. Yeah.. that was big change! I'm not scary phiscal contant with people like I was scary before and I didn't like when I must hug somebody for example...

11. What was your single biggest time waster in your life this past year?
 That was a lot of that situation when I waste time but the biggest was... spent a lot of time front the computer in holiday when I could did a lot of more interesting and healthy things. But maybe this series which I was watching change me? Who knows... ;)

12. What was biggest thing you learned this past year? 
I learned that If you try to be the best in this what you do somebody will be see this and reward you for your hard work. And another this is this If you have great friends then you have the biggest prize in your life.

I hope so after this you know me better and I hope so you like my drawings! I know that I'm not very interesting person but I hope so somebody will be like read my blog some day! How you describe your last year in 3 words? I should have twitter account?
Byeee Sav.