How to be 18 years old?!

 Hello! Welcome in another post! :) Finally I'm 18 years old! That was a long, long way to be that grow up but offically I'm "adult". I had birthday party a 2 weeks ago and that was awesome time! I spent time lovely time with awesome atmosphere. I just love my friends so much so different couldn't be.  But what change that 18th birthday? Let see....

 I grow up mentally. Maybe that's funny but when you have that 18 years you think different than before. That is magical numbers and change a lot. I think now a lot more about my future about what I'll do when I finish school. When I'll live and where I'll work. This number open my eyes about that a lot of mature stuff.

Finally I drive now! No maybe not exactly now but... that open door for driver license. In Poland you must finish course around 30 hours lessons and then you must pass two exam. One theoretical exam and second more scary and stressful practical exam. 

You're responsibilities for yourself. The now my parents aren't too much responsibilities  then before. I should do what I want.. ( wish hahah) And also you could drink alcohol! Yep... Mniam... haha no I'm not alcoholic...yet

Of course 18 is only number and my metamorphosis is only symbol. Everyone grow up in our own pace. I'm not mature in a lot of stuff... and I try to change this. A little steps and everything you could change. Barrier is only in your head.  How old are you? You had 18th birthday?

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