The truth about Bloggers!

Hello! Yeah... It's finally time to find out a little about the bloggers!I know that you have that question about bloggers that you always wont to know, so let's do this! Of course you could think "What she know about really big blogger people If she have no popular blog?" That isn't be my first blog so I have a little experience. Blogger can be a way to life but how If that is in the Internet and we don't pay for anything where we're going for somebody blog? That give first question..

How blogger could earn the money? No we don't earn money from the observers, comments or that you come here. No in this is way to life from the blog! If you're popular blogger you can do everything to earn the money... Easy way is the advertising in the sidebar. Of course company not pay for the advertising but pay if somebody click in her banner on the blog. Different metody is advertising in the post. Of corse then somebody hide that company is sponsor and write post for example about my make up and use product from this company. That's the most popular way to earn in the blog.

But how many blogger earn? So everyone just waiting for specific number.  Of course that is different and depends from the blog and company. Of somebody have 100k input on the day then he could life from the blog. Because that's not very paid job but everything depends for blog but If you have popular blog that you couldn't work. 

The best blog to earn the money? Fashion Blog. That's the most easy way to life from the blog. Of course is there very blog about this but also many girl looking for young and pretty girl which can do make up or show him what is trendy on this season. Of course the clothes are very often from company (look on the part 1)  for free advertising. So if you're young, pretty and you want something to do because you don't want work in the company then that is your way. ;)

Career of blog? Blog is are life no job. We give you myself and If that was a carrer then how I wrote to you? "Hello! Today post is about maskara Revlon. Repeat REVLON!!! Yeah you write great! Is soo good I use this maskara REVLON all time. So go to the Sephora and buy this maskara! Of course Revlon isn;t be my sponsor!" That how this will be look! And that will be so not fair for you guys because we care about you and If you not come here then this post will be not existe. 

Haters on the blog? Yeah of course they are and they life for give you soo nice comments! Of course that is depressing If you work about post a couple on hours and somebody come to you blog and say " You're post is suck! You should stop wirting!". But that people will be existe because they don't have his own life or his life is so bad that must relieve on somebody.

I hope so you like that kind of post! Do you have some question about bloggers? Let me know! And don't forget join to my observes because then my hart is more bigger then now! See you soon. Byeeee :)


  1. Randomly found your blog and can’t express how I like it!
    It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Omg thanks you sooo much! That's so nice of you! :)


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