Newbie welcome you!

First day on the internet life! Why I'm here? I love my passion and I want share with you my life! Another boring blog? No way! Just look on the blog topic! :)

Hello on my first blogpost! Maybe on the start I should say something about me. I'm 18 years old girl from Poland with a lot of passion. I really want to talking with you about that so I created this blog. One of my hobby is reading the books so I will write about a lot of time. (Winter=perfect time to reading books!) I hope so you'll inspire me to do all this stuff and you must say to me what I did wrong. Of course my english isn't perfect but I hope so you understand me. ;)

In Poland is lovely winter now. So it's perfect time to sit on the bed, drink hot chocolate and read the books! I really love time when I don't have go outside and spend time like I said before. Unfortunately the favourite days in the years- Christmas time- is over.  I love that magic day of the year when all my family sit next to the table and we ate traditional christmas eve dish. And the next 2 days when we can eat that all cakes, cookies, salad and another yummmy things! :)

Ohh... lovely... But I shouldn't wanna talking about this! So, I hope so you'll spend here interesting time and we'll see very soon! Byeeee :)


  1. You seem really sweet! Following... Hope ur blog gets really successful ❤️ Lula xxx

    1. Omg! Thanks for your support! :) You don't know how I feel better now! Thanks you! <3

    2. Your very welcome... I hope you had a good Christmas. As soon as I read sit down on you bed, drink hot chocolate and read books i was like yes, I love her. Basically how my holiday has panned out so far ❤️ Lula xxx

    3. Yeah I had when you have christmas and 18th birthday at the same time you must have great christmas! :) How one line can change opinion haha :D Yeah my holiday was the same. ;) Thanks you :)


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