New Year's Eve in Poland! :)

Hey Everyone! Thanks for every words that's big support for me, so I love you! :) Today I want say about New Year's Eve in my place because the 2014 is finishing now! That was lovely time for me! I did a lot of funny things with my friends. That was a year when everybody did 18th birthday party (that means the same like 16th in USA)! So was a lot of funny situation and spent time lovely with friends. My 18th birthday party will be in this Saturday so for sure I'll talk about this more later. That will be crazy.... Oh I can't wait for that! But focus Sav, focus....

In Poland we celebrate New Yera's Eve like everyone in the world. We are going on the big party with hundreds people or we spent time with a few friends. Of course we don't miss champagne for the first secound of New Year. Everyone very celebrate this day because that's another reasons to drink a lot. :D Obviously we can't celebrate without fireworks. I really like watch how light up the sky. That's magic moments! Yes.. Yes.. naturally we have this resolves on the new year which nobody do... ;) 

One year is finish but another coming! So forget every bad things and try to the next year will better! I know that you can do this! Don't give up be happy and possitive and your dream can true!

I wish you happy New Year and we'll see in 2015! 
xoxo Sav. 

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